1. In the event that you run out of disk space on one partition, which of the following would be an easy way to move data between partitions without reconfiguring the path to the data in all the applications?
    A. Run ext2fs ACL.
    B. Use a hard link.
    C. Use a symbolic link.
    D. Use the loopback device.
    E. Create a block device offset.

  2. If you set the umask to 022, by default what permissions will your files have?
    A. ----w--w-
    B. -w--w----
    C. r-xr-x---
    D. rw-r--r--
    E. r--rw-rw-

  3. What permissions must a user have in order to run a shell script? (Select all the apply.)
    A. read
    B. write
    C. execute
    D. browse on the directory
    E. users cannot run shell scripts

  4. What command would be used to view the contents of a binary file?
    A. od
    B. vil
    C. view
    D. expand
    E. binview

  5. What will the command "cd ~" do?
    A. Take you to the ~ directory.
    B. Take you to the sys directory.
    C. Take you to your home directory.
    D. Nothing, this command is invalid.

  6. What command can be used to remove the file: -file-?
    A. rm -file-
    B. rm "file"
    C. rm -"file"-
    D. rm -- -file-
    E. rm [-]file[-]

  7. As root you have navigated to directory /B. You wish to move all of the files and directories from directory /A to directory /B. Which of the following options would be the most appropriate command line to execute this task?
    A. cp /A/* .
    B. mv -f /A/* .
    C. mv -Rf /A/* .
    D. cp -f /A/* .
    E. cp -rf /A/* .

  8. Which command removes all subdirectories in the /tmp, regardless of whether they are non-existent or in use?
    A. del /tmp/*
    B. rm -rf /tmp
    C. rm -Ra /tmp/*
    D. rm -rf /tmp/*
    E. delete /tmp/*.*

  9. Which of the following commands could be used to change the permissions of the /home/html/ directory to 0755 and all files and subdirectories contained therein?
    A. chmod 0755 /home/html
    B. chmod 0755 /home/html/*
    C. chown 0755 /home/html -R
    D. chmod 0755 /home/html -R
    E. umask 0705 && chmod 0050 /home/html

  10. If you use ln to make a symbolic link of file1 called file2 then you delete file1, can you access the data originally contained in file1?
    A. No.
    B. Yes.
    C. It depends on who owns file2.
    D. It depends on the permissions on file1.
    E. It depends on the permissions on file2.

  11. What command will display some information about the permissions of files in the current directory?
    A. ls
    B. pdir
    C. ls -l
    D. permdir
    E. chmod -l

  12. You need to find all references in your system documentation to the word copy. Which single line will best accomplish this task?
    A. man copy
    B. which copy
    C. locate copy
    D. apropos copy
    E. grep "copy" /usr/man/*

  13. What will "cd ~foo" do?
    A. It will take you to the ~foo directory.
    B. It will create the foo directory and change to it.
    C. It will take you to the home directory of user foo.
    D. It will change the directory to the system foo directory.
    E. It will change to the foo directory off of your home directory.

  14. A particular directory contains some files with names starting with letter a and ending with the letter v. Assuming this is the working directory, what command would move all of these files, and only these files, to the /tmp/directory?
    A. cp a?v /tmp
    B. mv a-v /tmp/
    C. mv a*v /tmp/
    D. mv a?v /tmp/
    E. mv a...v /tmp/

  15. In vi editor, what commands should be used to :
    1) save the current modification and exit
    2) discard the current modification and exit
    3) copy 5 lines to the buffer (clipboard)
    4) change the string “school” to “university” in whole file 5) move the cursor to the last line

  16. When creating new files and directories, we have default permissions set to them. How does the default permission be calculated?

  17. In Linux file system, one file can have multiple links (file names). Where does Linux store file names to support this feature?

  18. How to use USB disk plugged into your Linux? Describe the steps even if the system does these steps automatically.

  19. If you only know the command name but don't know how to use it, how could you get online help in Linux? List at least three methods.

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